Eric Ruby

Kamper Sweet Kamper

November 17, 2017 – January 12, 2018


Kamper Sweet Kamper

Eric Ruby

Planetoid Nomad

The Found Paintings of M. Curr

The Crystal Cockpit

Recent Work by Liz Walsh

fail again, fail better

New work by Matt Kennedy


New Works by Christian Davies


Gabrielle Teschner

Soft Slice Corral

Audrey Hope & Jess Willa Wheaton

Tell It Goodbye

Steve Kerwin’s Candlestick Catharsis

All Ears

Sarah Hotchkiss

Sahar Khoury & Daren Wilson

Kent Roberts – Recent Work

Daughters of The Summer

Works by Jenny Sharaf & Gina Tuzzi


Airyka Rockefeller

Go West & Conquer All Above You

Lee Cody & Nicole Santucci

Late Summer Classic

Chris West & Veronica De Jesus

Nice One

Walter Louge

There is No Telling What

Carey Lin & Gregory Ito

West Facing

New Paintings by Erik Parra


New Work by Liz Walsh

Fresh Paint

Leah Rosenberg

Above Me The Day-Blind Stars

Noah Wilson

Course Drawn Heart and Other Stories

Tim Svenonius

Fourth of July

Found Ephemera from the Basement Collection

New Paintings

Group Show

Space Series, #1

Group Show

Its Only Rock and Roll

Group Show

Sight Maps

Ann Clipson

Winter Solstice

Group Show