goodnight goodnight

Its been a wonderful run, but after nearly a decade Goodnight Projects is closing its doors. Over the years we have felt incredibly privileged to work with countless artists at various points in their careers. Beyond the curiosity of seeing what takes shape during an installation and over the course of an exhibition it has been a complete pleasure to open the doors to the public time and time again. This space has always been an incredible excuse to have a good time, to show art that isn’t being shown, and in general to spend time with people we admire and appreciate. With that in mind…one last party is in order. On May 5th we would like to invite every artist we have ever shown and anyone who has spent an eve here in the past to join us in celebrating. At the moment we are billing this simply as a happening and a good reason to hang out one last time in the storefront, drink something fancy (any thing fancy you would like to contribute would be great) and maybe play the piano into the ground or knock over the bar. Please come. You are all welcome and we would love to spend one last evening in the space with you.

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